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We know piercings. It’s what we do. And that why it’s our pleasure to offer our visitors and clients additional helpful tips and resources for all their piercing needs. Whether you want to read the latest trends or you need help caring for your new piercing, we are here to help. Take a look at all our stories below and let us know if you have any additional questions.

Tattooed Woman
Navel Piercing

This Year’s Hottest Piercings

It’s the time of year for piercings. We know that a lot of our client get belly button piercings done this time of year. Reminder to all clients most piercings take between 6 to 8 months but when it comes to belly button and nipples they can take up to a full year to heal. When you want to swim in none chlorinated water, you should pick up the clear water proof bandages sold in health care pharmacies known as a second skin bandage and use for ponds and oceans.

Why Get a Piercing?

Piercings have grown over the years. From getting your children ear lobes to nose to belly buttons. To the age of mico-dermals a newer piercing implant but only available to 19+ years of age clients. If you are interested in getting one you can feel free to contact us or talk to Allan Butt he is the only piercer here that does micro-dermals the starting price is 70+tax for one. You can add a gem top for a extra 19.95+tax.

Lip Piercings

Top 7 Tips For Keeping Your Piercing Looking Great

Remember to keep up with your cleaning for the full healing period.
Remember to listen carefully to your piercer.
Remember to avoid your pets from getting to close to your new piercing.
Remember jewelry can become loosened and can fall out. 
Remember to avoid using any cotton makeup pads or q-tips they can hook into your jewelry and cause it to be pulled out or unscrew gems. 
Remember if your experiencing any healing issues to contact your piercer for advice. 
Remember we offer to change your piercings for you after 2 months at no charge just bring your new jewelry or buy one from us. To change it yourself you have to be completely healed.

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